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Trump and marching

Friday was a difficult day for me; that thing that I used to mock as never going to happen actually took place and Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America. I was one of those people who watched the Celebrity Apprentice as a humorous guilty pleasure. I laughed through his preposterous initial press statements. I kept insisting to anyone who raised the subject that he would never be the Republican Party Candidate, let alone the leader of the country. But it kept happening, in spite of all the lies and all the appalling and inappropriate behaviour.

It feels like Brexit all over again and I promise that it’s not just that my choice didn’t win in the race. It’s the fact that the loss was so numerically close and against an opposition that did nothing but lie and cheat. We lost to people who broke all the rules and did so without any concealment and yet go unchallenged.

That’s why the marches around the world yesterday were so encouraging. People doing something to stand up for themselves and their beliefs. People standing up to make a better future, not accepting that things have to go backwards, and I have to hope that this won’t be the end; that this is the start of a new political movement that creates a more honest and accountable system.

Yet, I am also ashamed. I could have joined a march. Just a few weeks ago I wrote on this blog that I was ready to do something more than just vote and complain, but when the opportunity came I was relieved that I had an excuse not to join in anything more than social media. Sure, I was looking after my one year-old nephew but we could have gone together. But I didn’t, I stayed on the sofa with him and got excited by the photographs and footage of wonderful people all around the world who got up and made an effort. I just hope that I will be brave enough to be with them next time.


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