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The other day I was in the supermarket with a friend and we had this moment of revelation about how different our initial reaction to things is. Sure, this was over some new type of bread but it had a much deeper resonance for us. My friend is always initially sceptical, quickly investigates and then, generally, is enthusiastic about something new. I, in contrast, start excited, pause, sometimes investigate and then dismiss the new thing as evidence that the world is going to crumble into itself.

I think that this is our version of the glass being half full or half empty. I wish that I was able to be positive for more than an initial moment of novelty, though I suspect that both of our positions have merit. The main thing that I am thankful for is that our opposing reactions push us to find a middle ground after discussion. That is awesome and I hope that my natural reversion to an Eeyore stance doesn’t put her off having such conversations in the future.


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