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New Year resolutions

Happy New Year!  Yay and welcome to 2017. Well, let’s all hope it will be a happy one.

If you have the patience (and bravery) to read any newspaper or blog news website at the moment you will see that they are all keen to tell you that health and appearance miracles are possible if you make the right New Year’s resolutions; that celebrities are the only ones worth caring about despite reporting them as being simultaneously ghastly and perfect; and that the rest of the world is crashing due to political and financial upheavals. The world just feels wrong, a good friend told me today, and I know how she feels. It’s so easy to feel helpless about it all and to decide to just eat chocolate and watch bad television.

I had expected that I would get my usual case of New Year resolution fever. In years past I have convinced myself that ‘this year will be different’ and made charts and plans and lists. Like most of my resolutions, I start well but the change never really sets in. Instead, this year, I have been trying to just do small things but somehow even these feel too large. Perhaps the confidence, even when you suspect deep down that it won’t last, is integral to the plans gaining any kind of momentum. Or maybe you can only really attain about 40% of the changes that you aspire to make to yourself at any one time. Perhaps too many changes steer you away from who you really are.

I do think this, though. That ‘they’ want us to feel helpless, that ‘they’ want us to give up and stop voicing the opposing argument. I don’t claim to have a platform or any kind of influence but I don’t want to just give in, that is ‘them’ wining. I just need to find a more effective way to fight back; making a mark in a box on a piece of paper at election time just doesn’t feel like enough anymore.


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