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French Women

I have been having a slow burn love affair with French films, food, music, buildings, lifestyles, and, well all things French. I am aware that this Francophile thing isn’t unique, especially with middle-class English people. The French are just over there and seem so cool and stylish and unlike us. I think one of the things that upset me so much with the Brexit vote was the fact that I can’t one day just decide to live in France, well probably won’t be able to. Not that it was all that likely, really. Just one of those fantasies that I sometimes have when you don’t worry about the actual logistics involved.

So I was watching a couple of French films last night and I think I realised what part of the appeal is to me in that lifestyle and it is pertinent to this blog. You see, in films at least, French women appear to be quietly confident of their own worth. They never doubt their validity. They spend time alone and it is never questioned or pitied. They do things for their own enjoyment and it is never selfish. They are truly independent. Sure, they fall in love like in UK or American movies, but they rarely let that change who they are in themselves and regardless of how passionately they fall for the other person, they generally keep an outward veneer of coolness. They are their own person, their own woman, and it is very covetable.


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