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Single or gay – which is braver?

So it seems that there are rumours that Elsa, from Frozen, might be gay in the sequel. Now I think that on some level that would be awesome; a Disney princess being gay. It would be good for little girls, and those fans who are or not quite so young, to see a clever, talented and beautiful Disney princess who is gay and, presumably, meets an equally awesome women to be her partner. I totally get why this would be a great breakthrough.

BUT, a part of me thinks that an even more brave decision for Disney to make would be for Elsa to end up with no one. She could be a clever, talented and beautiful Disney princess with friends but no partner. Now, there’s a bold decision. A happily ever after that doesn’t include a significant other and this would possibly be an even bigger breakthrough.


One thought on “Single or gay – which is braver?

  1. Frozen was so revolutionary in not giving Elsa a man (or even a woman) at the end of Frozen. It showed people of all ages that being single doesn’t make you alone or lonely, because the love of a family is just as strong. I think to give her any love interest is kinda…degrading. Like does she really need someone to be happy? You should check out my article on #keepelsasingle where I go more into depth on the subject

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