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DIY Indecision

I have just been lucky enough to have a new kitchen fitted. I can say lucky now it’s over; at the time I was a borderline nervous wreck. Now the work is finished – the dust almost banished, the paint daubed onto the walls and all the boxes unpacked – I can enjoy it in all its loveliness, even if it is still raising indecisive questions…

During the process of getting this new kitchen it felt as though I was making a million decisions. Deciding on something is not an easy process for me, ever. Yet, in the world of kitchens it felt surprisingly okay. Firstly, it’s a tiny space in my flat and I know what I like to cook and how. Secondly, I found that once you make some key choices – for example a supplier – you lose 95% of your options instantly. In the choices that remain there turn out to be very few designs which you actually like (and can afford) so it feels more like a process of elimination followed by multiple choice than actually making a decision. This trend continued with the details; in spite of the many stores out there, there aren’t many tiles I like; all laminate flooring looks pretty much the same so you just try to match to the worktop etc etc.

So, how is it that I am managing to still be wavering over the last few finishing touches? I had no idea it would be so difficult to decide on a few hooks to hang up the tea towel and oven gloves. I mean, they are currently dangling from a screw that has been there since I moved in 6 years ago and I forgot to take down when I started the painting. There are hook systems out there for literally hundreds of pounds and there is a variety of hooks in an old tin my shed, formerly in my Grandpa’s garage, that would be free. The latter are what could charitably be described as vintage – pretty ordinary looking and covered with rust – but I have already started to tidy them up and cover them with a metal paint and I was up for the final job of making a little board with them.

Yet I keep stalling on account of indecision;what wood should I choose for the backing or should I hang them up on the wall? Should I put them near the sink or the doorway? Should they all match or be different with just their new colouring to group them? Should I put up three – the number needed – or a few spares for… well, for who knows what? Should I just ask the friend I gave the old rail system to for it back – I could probably find the raw plugs under the paint anyway?

It’s such a small decision – literally laughable – but I keep over-thinking it. I keep browsing Pintrest and online shops for ideas. Once it’s done I will probably never notice it again, unless I make the wrong decision or put them up crooked.

So why I am being so indecisive? Is it simply that once this is done then I can no longer blame the kitchen for my lack of writing productivity; that I will have no excuse but to find a new project that might just get my life back on track? Probably but maybe I can prevaricate over deciding that too….


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