We are all trapped in this net caused by things and our need for them. Some things we actually need; food, heat, broadband, but others are just things that we have become accustomed to yet feel that we cannot live without. The latter can be due to habit but I suspect is more often on account of a fear that not having these things makes us lesser and confirms our darkest suspicions about ourselves that we are in some way unworthy or unlovable. This is why we continue to want and desire almost as soon as our previous wish has been attained and become just one more thing in our mountain of possessions. The cycle of want never ends, our appetites are insatiable. We need because we are covering our more base requirements.

The big problem comes after you see things with this level of removed clarity; you then have to decide whether to keep with the pack and stay with the normal passion for things or to break away and deal with concerned faces and the feelings of being removed from the normal, of being different and in some way impoverished. Regardless of how much you remember that you were the person who intentionally created your predicament of want, despite how clear headed you might be, you find yourself needing things still. And if you have found a way to remove yourself from the employment market – the place you customarily have to torture yourself to in order to keep buying the things – you have even more time to feel the need to buy things. Can we ever truly escape the need for things?


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