My fake dog ate my homework

So, anyone following my output may have noticed I didn’t meet my deadline.  I really intended to; I spent about 3 hours utilising the power of Google AND Twitter to find out about passions and I even started to collate some notes but then life got in the way.

I think that’s a real problem, and I can’t be the only person to suffer from it; the stuff that we adults have to do each day gets in the way of us doing the things we could, or should, be doing to be the people we want to be. Last week it was partly self-inflicted and primarily due to work stresses.  Work; that most uncontrollable of all the things that takes up some of our best hours and…  Well let’s just say I’m not particularly enamoured with my work right now so I may not be very good at being objective about the concept.

This neatly brings me onto one of the things I thought about regarding passions; it’s often a negative passionate response that can push us towards the things we end up loving. This is certainly the case for a friend/colleague of mine who has quite a range of passions and most of them were initially coping mechanisms which became much more.  The things he now loves to do in his spare time are the things he once did out of desperation.

As with most things these days, I tried to plunge into books to find out more.  There are 129 books in the Southampton Library Catalogue if you search on ‘passion’. The first of these is a thriller about the two male passions of cricket and pornography…  This was not quite what I had in mind.  Other highlights in the list included Brilliant Billy’s Big Book of Dinosaurs and a book about the life and loves of a dominatrix.  Most of the more modern novels were about affairs and love stories and the factual books had a definite Victorian feel to them.

Next, I decided to brave the question on Twitter.  I’ve never linked my Twitter account to this blog as I like the vicarious anonymous nature of this nom de plume.  It’s something I may well change my mind about later but right now I am keeping them separate.  Asking a question about passion on there is quite tricky as I didn’t really want any ‘amusing’ rude answers.  In the event I got no answers; which says something about the amount of people currently following me and how I asked the question.

Ultimately passions are about emotion; true emotion and to be honest I am struggling in that regard at the moment. There is so much going on with my family and work that just getting through daily life is my current focus. Getting through it with an element of me in tact is my focus, my passion even, and all this research into psychology and philosophy, even the embarrassing forays into the self-help section, are probably one of my passions right now. Like many passions it’s not particularly easy to admit to but it’s something that works for me and makes me that bit more engaged.

So, the homework this week?  Well, it’s simple – to get my homework in on time; i.e. by Saturday, and to keep on in-spite of what the world is throwing at me, or as my Grandpa used to say to “keep on taking no notice”.


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