The Shiny Stars Incentive

Apologies for the derivative title style; I think I have been accidentally catching too many Big Bang Theory repeats lately….

So, I decided it was time to update on my latest attempt to get motivated/organised through the medium of a wall chart and some shiny silver stars.  I have awarded myself 10 stars so far.  Unfortunately the one for blogging is dependent on my posting three blogs but I will award myself with another tick in the blogging list section once I hit post.

I am in most respects of my life a functioning grown-up and yet I find myself worryingly excited about sticking silver stars on a piece of paper. I sit squashed into my seat on the sticky bus journey home thinking about what I should do when I get in so I can award myself another star. I suspect that I am a person who needs structure and validation but the moment I think about, let alone write about, this process I am mortified by how silly it is.

These ‘silly’ things do seem to help though. One of Gretchen’s recent posts was about how transformational something as quick and minor as making your bed each morning can be. It’s a way of starting out on the right track and rewarding yourself with something nice for the end of the day. Again I scoffed at the notion but have been trying it for three days now and I love it!  I can even see my bed through the window as I lock the door on my way out each morning and I get this inane grin on my face as I glance at my tidy bed.

So, that’s where I am at the moment. On track to finish War and Peace and my rug by my birthday in August and slowly (and ironically) realising the power of small steps and rewards in getting things done and making powerful changes.

Right, I’m off to find a felt tip!


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