Novel writing and other best intentions

So, here I am back in blog land.  So why, you may well wonder, has the Queen of Procrastination and avoiding doing resolutions, like writing her blog, started to generate content once more?

Well, it’s the 1st November and I, in common with many people, decided that I would have a crack at National Novel Writing Month.  So, naturally, I have now decided that it’s more pressing that I update my long overdue blog instead of trying fiction.

It did try to start – I even tracked down the ‘writing’ folder on my laptop.  I didn’t really recognise any of the document titles, so I changed the view of the folder to list and it seems I haven’t updated any of them since 2008.  Which probably isn’t the best sign as far as my burning literary ambitions go…

So, after I’ve done this post I’ve been delaying for ages about this Elizabeth Gilbert book I just read (and need to return to the library tomorrow), I’ll be trying to write some new and exciting fiction.  Booker Shortlist (or Shirtlist as I actually typed!) here I come J  I’ve even made a cake especially to spur me on, and tidied the flat, finished the washing up….  Well you get the idea.


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