So, as promised (and not just because the library book is due back tomorrow), my musings on Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Committed’.

I’ve mentioned on previous posts my guilty pleasure in self-help titles.  It can therefore be no surprise that last year I stumbled across Eat, Pray, Love.  I really struggled to get into the book but decided, for long and convoluted reasons I now no longer remember, to try it on audio book.  I LOVED it then – I suspect as the author herself had a tone which made me warm to her as opposed to wanting to slap her.  So, I then watched the movie which was predictably disappointing and then tried to track down a copy of the sequel and finally three weeks I made it to the top of the reserve list at the library.

Committed is very different – more of an anthropological study of relationships and marriage with a little personal story on the side.  It fits in nicely with the original intention of this blog as there is much to say about how dated and strange our views of relationships and single people are; as a race we have evolved but our expectations don’t seem to have kept pace.  It’s been many hundreds of years since Aristophanes wrote about Zeus splitting us into two halves looking to make ourselves whole through our perfect soul mate yet so much of popular culture still focuses on this goal as the only true path to happiness.  Of course the irony of this book being written by a woman who has found happiness through a relationship isn’t lost on me but the book was still pretty interesting.


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