We’ll Always Have Paris

The moon tonight has just started to wane and there’s a chill in the air as there are only a few suggestive wisps of clouds.

I know this because I felt compelled, against the best advice of my bladder, to take a leisurely stroll around Ocean Village this evening due to the wonderful whimsy of Mr Woody Allen.  I’ve commented on an alternative blog about my love for Mr Allen and my general frustration at his recent output – I know I am not alone in this sensation.  The London films were particularly troublesome but I think it’s hard to sink into an escapist soufflé that’s set in your own country.

A soufflé is the best way I can think of to describe Midnight in Paris; there is little point trying to even talk about the plot as it’s truly silly but there is a beauty and knowing naiveté that matches the slightly sepia tone of the film stock during the sequences set in the past that contrast with the all-knowing blinding brightness of the modern day sequences.

Leaving the cinema and glancing the moon low in the sky, reflected on the water, I had to stroll – sure it wasn’t Paris but I wanted that sensation to continue along with all the thoughts it carried.  It’s not just the escapism; it’s the sense that whilst it is human to want to make sense of it all and try to escape it to a seemingly simpler time, such emotions are part of the universal human experience and we can only make the best of the time we live in now and find beauty and relief in art. But in a way that also has a sense of humour and doesn’t sound as pretentious as that last sentence!

In anticipation of taking myself to the movie tonight I re-watched Annie Hall and Manhattan this morning and Midnight in Paris has many echoes of both films and I’m beginning to see the thread in all the Allen films which had previously eluded me – they are about the need, through a myriad of times and places, to find enough acceptance to actually be able to pause and be if not happy contented and I think this is the reason why I will always forgive him the not-so-good movies and always love the ones that make me smile.


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