Sometimes this blogging business can feel pretty lonely.  Yes, I am aware this is somewhat a contradiction to my complaints in the previous post but I am going to get to the point – I think a LOT more people are doing it than I think.

I went to see Mark Kermode last night – he was talking about his new book and cinema in general at Harbour Lights.  As always, Dr Kermode was amusing, insightful and clever.  What was interesting, from the point of view of blogging, was the questions section.  Over half of the people who asked questions started their question with mention of their blog.  I think on some level they were trying to validate their opinion, or add gravitas to their question, but it felt like the room was full of people tying away frantically at night.

I’m not very good at this blogging thing – I post very inconsistently and my topics are VERY random.  I’ve never really looked at other people’s blogs which isn’t an egotistical thing it’s all about my inability to navigate around the sheer number of posts on here.  And I believe (!) there might be other places where people post blogs too…

So, what’s with this need we all have to post our thoughts and opinions?  I could be wrong but I bet most of us don’t have many readers outside our friend circles.  Are we all frustrated wannabe writers?  Are we all avoiding therapy bills?  Are we all looking to have a conversation and lacking an in person outlet?  Are blogs the new diaries and people in 100 years time will dust off tablets and look at antiquated hard drives of blogs as symbols of the issues of our time?

I have no answers but I am sure of one thing – I don’t think we’re all going to make a living as film critics!


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