Self Image

As much as we don’t like to recognise it, much of our sense of self – especially self-worth – comes from how we see ourselves reflected in the people around us.  This is the basis of our pride; something where we are all a lot more Mr Darcy than we care to admit to.

People often seem to move on and out of my life.  They don’t  leave entirely but they do move so they seem that little bit further out of reach and daily circulation.  Their own life pulls them into a more outer ring of my orbit as they settle down and create their new families.  I am pleased for them, really I am, but with fewer people to spend time with I have to start dealing with myself.  At some stage I may even have to start liking myself a little more.  I can laugh at myself no bother but actually admiring myself seems, well, egotistical at the very least and most probably preposterous.


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