Projects – aka how to fill empty evenings

There’s a reason that single women are so over productive and over scheduled; it’s the looming monster of an empty evening.  The only thing more scary is an empty weekend.  Without plans, projects, people to meet and lists the hours can seem formidable.  So, a defensive war is planned and executed.  Lists and mind maps are scribbled.  Notebooks are found and filled with projects and plans.  Crafts and languages are learned. New exercise crazes and looks are tried out.

Because you can’t just sit on the sofa and watch TV.  Well, okay, you sometimes do.  When I say sometimes… It might be truer to admit to the reality that the TV and DVD are your best friend and the PVR is your ever reliable boyfriend. 

But you can’t plan to just spend an evening on the sofa, unless you’ve already been heroic that week.  It can be a reward for trials faced and overcome but to just give in is defeat.  You can’t waste your valuable time just because other people aren’t valuing your time.  Especially when you can use your time to improve yourself – add even more value.  The aim in such work is always self-enlightenment.  It’s in no way about making you more acceptable, or dare you admit it, more loveable?

After all, the ability to quote Proust in Italian, whilst stirring your homemade mayonnaise with your toned arms is all part of the idea of being a perfectly fulfilled spinster…..


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