Another sad news story

I hate to have to post in such a sad way on day two but I’ve been unable to shake this one from the back of my thoughts all day and this seems as good a place as any to share…

Every morning I have to check the local news sources for work.  Today’s lead story on the local newspapers website was about a lady died after falling from a bridge onto oncoming traffic yesterday.  When the story was being reported just yesterday it was a tragic story about a loss of life.  Today it’s still a tragic story but the newspapers have is all explained and wrapped up in one line: “she was divorced and lived alone”.  A 41 year-old lady killed herself and the only explanation for her despair was being lonely.

I guess loneliness is at the nub of this spinster question – there is this sterotypical vision of the lonely woman whose life has no real purpose and who is condemned to waste away.  I know that having a family is one of the most fulfilling things you can do but I know so many single people who give back and have a purpose too.

So tonight I’m going to spend a moment thinking about all the single people and hoping that as few people as possible will want to end their lives in such a lonely way.


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